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December's pedal of the month is the Black Tooth Grin.
Inspired by the original Marshall Bluesbreaker the BTG offers
that original sound as well as a few additional perks such as,
additional gain and diode clipping options. There is also an
additional treble control to tame the high end of the pedal.
Available for $124.00 now through the end of the month.

Also keep checking back for some updates to our existing line
as well as upcoming news for you mini pedal lovers. I've been
working on some very cool stuff this past summer and am
really looking forward to releasing it.

You can also check out the new Wilson Mini Wah Drop In
Kits. These are custom made to drop into the existing Dunlop
Mini Wah housing with very little work on your end.
Comprised of NOS tropical fish capacitors, your choice of a
Wilson or Stack of Dimes inductor and did I mention they are
also Fuzz Friendly? Get on over to the Mini Wah page and
check them out!!