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Summer NAMM is in the books! Thanks to everyone who participated in the sale. It was great meeting and talking with all of you at the show
and I look forward to winter NAMM where Wilson Effects will be exhibiting. It was by coincidence that I discovered Chris Poland of the Jazz
Fusion band Ohm and formerly of Megadeth is a Wilson Wah user. Chris's pedalboard boasts a custom 12 Position Vintage Spec Wilson
Wah. Such a great dude and player. I was also able to hang with Ryan & Shannon of Fuzzrocious. I stumbled upon The Cook himself Mr.
Robert Keeley as well. See the pictures below for a short Summer NAMM recap.

Wilson Effects has been upgraded and now includes a fully function store checkout and redesigned website. This coincides with the release
of our brand new pedal the Lusus Naturae, available in a custom art edition and standard graphic edition in orange. Check out the killer demo
Mike Hermans just released above.
Chris Poland of Ohm & formerly of Megadeth
Ryan of Fuzzrocious
Robert Keeley
This month's featured pedal is the Lusus
Naturae. Save 20% through August at checkout
with the code Lusus20
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