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Wilson Effects is proud to announce the worlds first, fuzz
friendly fully adjustable Mini Q-Wah. This compact little wah is
built to emulate a variety of vintage wah circuits as well as a
plethora of other wah tones. Featuring true bypass switching
with LED on/off indication, exterior growl and midrange
control the inside also offers additional controls for added
flexibility. A fuzz friendly output buffer with volume control
enables you to put the wah in front of all of your favorite fuzz
pedals without losing the sweep of your wah. There is also an
added volume control to provide just enough added boost to
cut through the mix. You'll also notice another blue trimmer,
this is the sweep depth control. This allows you to adjust the
depth of the sweep from long throaty to narrow and to the
point. The biggest addition to the mini wah that we've made is
the added 6 position selector switch. This allows the user to
set the "Q" range of the pedal either to one of the included
vintage wah pedal settings from the settings sheet or you can
create your own custom wah tone.
The pedal is 9vdc center negative power supply operated
only as there is only so much room inside these little
If you should happen to have any questions about this or any
other Wilson Effects product please feel free to contact me
through the Contact page on the site or at
wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects. com