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Pedal Of The Month!!!
New for 2016! Check back every month as each month we
will be having a different pedal that you can save some major
cash on!
This month's pedal is none other than the new Super Fuzz
inspired Knuckle Dragger. While at the heart it's a classic
Super Fuzz circuit the Knuckle Dragger is much more than
that. From the loud in your face fuzz tones that the original is
known for the Knuckle Dragger takes you into fuzz
dimensions that the 60's and 70's never knew were possible.
Boasting the original controls of Balance and Expand the
Tone switch has been changed into an adjustment so you can
hit all those tones in between as well. The added Mids and
Evolve knobs help you sculpt your tone to that perfect pitch
that isn't possible with other units. Then there's the texture
switch. Six positions of added fuzz textures to help you sculpt
your fuzzy creations into a masterpiece of sonic bliss.

At a regular price of $185.00 the Knuckle Dragger is priced
at the level of other Super Fuzz style pedals that offer so
much less. With the Pedal of the month discount you can get
the pedal that offers more for much, much less!
Grab on now at the low price of $157.25.
Please feel free to email me at
wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects.com with any questions you may
have about the pedal of the month or any other Wilson
Effects product.
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