Based on the tone of the most sought after amp known to humankind the Dual Lotus expands on
what the Lotus Drive has to offer and gives you two D-Style pedals in one compact pedalboard
friendly enclosure. Redesigned into a more compact layout the Dual Lotus gives you two
channels of moderate gain, D-style overdrive stacked into one another. Use them independently
set up for different sounds or cascade them into one another for rhythmic playing and searing
leads. Equipped with your standard controls such as level, grit, tone and presence each channel
also boasts a 3 position toggle switch to change the clipping characteristics of the circuit to
open up the circuit and give it more headroom. There is also an added low pass filter control
that occurs post circuit. This enables the user to crank to tone and presence control to maximize
the gain of the pedal and roll off any unwanted highs that this normally incurs. The pedal is
powered via a 2.1mm center negative 9VDC power supply and is backed by a bumper to
bumper one-year warranty on parts and labor. Each unit is handmade right here by yours truly in
Guilford, Indiana. If you shaould happen to have any questions about this or any other pedal
please feel free to contact me through the website.
Now available in a small compact enclosure!
Dual Lotus