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This is a pre-order for the modified WH10V3. The waitlist for these has become pretty large so I'm opening these up to pre-order so you are able to reserve a pedal. This will help with knowing how many pedals I will need shipped when they are ready to ship. If the number of people on the list order I will up my order with Ibanez to accomodate the orders as they've indicated that there are enough to increase the order if needed. I have been updated that these will ship after Ibanez completes it's end of year inventory as they are shut down from 12/18/23  through 12/29/23. I've decided to open this as people often email wanting on  the waitlist for various pedals and typically less than half of those reserved pedals are actually purchased. This will insure that you receive a pedal before they are released to the public. I will keep this link up until Saturday December 16th. As always thanks for your support and Happy Holidays everyone! - Kevin

Modified WH10V3 With V1 Pot Swap Mod Pre-Order

Out of Stock
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