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Kevin Wilson & Family

   My name is Kevin Wilson, I began building effects pedals as a hobby around 2003 or so. As an avid gear fiend I was interested in the building process as I had been purchasing "boutique" pedals looking for that sound I'm sure we all hear in our heads but yet is unique to each of us. I have a heavy background in control wiring and such as I've been a master electrician that has been involved in this and many other fields of the electrical industry. So with my knowledge in hand I set out to build my own sound. It wasn't easy at first as I started out wiring wah pedals point to point on perfboard, which if you've ever done any point to point wiring you know how time consuming it is. This led me to sell a few of these wahs on eBay. The pedals seemed to do fairly well and I started etching my own boards eventually. Things seemed like they were going quite well with it so I decided to start up a website around 2006 or so and have been building wah pedals and various other effects as Wilson Effects officially since 2006.

   I've always had a love for guitars, drums and pretty much anything music related since I was very young and one thing I set out to do with Wilson Effects was to provide "boutique" quality effects pedals at an affordable price. I can remember being so excited to get a three hundred dollar chorus, overdrive or basically insert and pedal here ________ and then be utterly disappointed when it didn't make me sound like Stevie Ray Vaughn or whoever, like the demos had shown. Now I'm sure I'm like most of you out there and I don't claim to be a "good or even great" guitar player. I know what I know and that's pretty much it but I'd like to think that we all continue to learn, and the more we play the better our personal style will get, whatever that may be. So a lot of the demos that I record of my pedals are just me, a "regular old Joe" playing what he plays. I don't buy into the flashy demos that tend to be out there (but man do those guys make that stuff sound good!) and some of them make my products sound a million times better than I ever could. One thing I've learned is to not buy into the hype and do my own research. So that being said I came up in a time that were the beginnings of a lot of great builders out there that I looked up to and still do today. Robert Keeley, FoxRox, EHX, Earthquaker and Z-Vex just to name a few. I've also been lucky enough to forge new friendships with newer builders such as Caroline Guitar, Fuzzrocious, Mythos and Yellowcake to name a few. This is a great industry that is flooded with talent and some really cool, interesting people that are behind that talent. Like a lot of them we are still a small family run business. I still do all of the building and most of the design work. I'm just out her trying to make interesting things that will inspire other people hopefully as much as they inspire me. I have to give a big shout out to my wife Michelle for all the support she has shown throughout the years as there's been a lot of days and weeks where I'm working a lot and she has had to fill in taking care of our son Evan. Most of all I would like to thank you for making this small business such a major part of my life. I honestly am not sure what I would do if I didn't have Wilson Effects. So Thank you the customer, for everything that you have done for Wilson Effects over the years! Here's to many more!

Kevin Wilson and Ryan Ratajski
Kevin Wilson and Papa Emeritus III
Kevin Wilson & Robert Keeley
Kevin Wilson & Philippe Herndon

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