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Mini Q-Wah Manual


Mini Q-Wah Vintage Settings

Mini Q-Wah


A faithful reproduction the vintage Halo Wah in Mini form with tons of tuning options

Vintage tones and so much more in a Mini Wah pedal!

The world's first fully adjustable, fuzz friendly, vintage spec mini wah pedal. Small & compact the Mini Vintage Q-Wah will save you precious real estate on your pedal board without sacrificing tone. Full of vintage, modern and very expressive tones this little beast is sure to please you wah wah palette. Make sure you check this thing out on the Dirty channel of an amp as this little thing wails like a banshee. Let's check out some of the features; True Bypass with LED on/off indication. Fuzz friendly output buffer with volume control. Internal Sweep range trimmer. Internal 6 Position DIP switch for adjusting "Q" range External mid-range control. External resonance or growl control. 2.1mm center negative power jack. Included Vintage Wah settings cheat sheat 1 year warranty on parts and labor (excludes potentiometer & enclosure). As mentioned above the pedal is designed with an output buffer integrated into the circuit. This not only allows the pedal to deal with the low input impedance of most fuzz & overdrive pedals but it also allows you to boost or cut the output of the pedal via the internal volume trimmer. This comes in very handy when adjusting the resonance control as this will boost or cut the gain of the pedal allowing you to adjust it specifically to your needs. The internal sweep trimmer is designed to take the place of the resistor across the inductor of the wah circuit. What this does is dial in the sweep range of the pedal. The greater the resistance the greater the amount of sweep you are able to attain. Dialing this back to zero will result in a loss of wah effect in the pedal. The mid-range control controls the amount of mids within the wah circuit. Dialing this control towards the heal will thin out the sound and dialing it towards the front will thicken it up. This comes set to a stock value of 1.5K which is the norm for most classic wah circuits. The resonance control otherwise known as the growl control adjusts the frequency response or resonance of the pedal. Dialing this towards the hell of the pedal will result in a darker throatier sound. Dialing this control towards the front of the pedal will result in a thinner brighter wah sound. The 6 position DIP switch allows the user to dial in just about any wah sound under the sun. Included is a vintage wah cheat sheet showing the user how to set the wah up to just about every vintage wah tone that a user could ask for. The pedal has no internal battery option due to the space inside of the enclosure. The Mini Q-Wah operates on an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply. All pedals are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labor and is hand built right here in the U.S. If you should happen to have any other questions about the Mini Q-Wah please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the Home page.

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