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Clean Boost Manual

Wilson Effects Clean Boost

Clean Boost


25dbs of clean amp pushing Mosfet boost

Crystal clear boost. Boost your signal without coloring your tone!

25db of Mosfet clean boost. Use the pedal as an always on buffer as it adds clarity simply by engaging the pedal. Boost your clean tone for more clarity and crispness or use it to overdrive your clean channel. Yes it gets that loud! You can also use the Boost to saturate the preamp tubes on an already overdriven amplifier to push your signal into harmonic nirvana and give your lead tone that extra push.The Boost is powered by a 9vdc 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality 9v battery. The pedal is true bypass and handmade by me right here in Guilford, Indiana,.Like all of our pedals it comes with the standard one-year warranty on 
parts and labor. If you should happen to have any questions about this pedal or any other Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to contact me through the contact form on the Home page of the site.

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