U.S. Retail

New York - 30th Street Guitars - www.30thstreetguitars.com

California - PitBull Audio - www.pitbullaudio.com

California - Music Store Live - https://musicstorelive.com

Ohio - The Music Shoppe - themmusicshoppeharrison.webs.com

New Jersey - Mr. Trunker's House Of Guitars - mrtrunkers.com

Illinois - Rock City Sound - www.rockcityusa.com

Texas - Steamboat Ampworks - www.steamboatamps.com

Texas - Starr Guitar Systems - www.starrguitarsystems.com

International Retail

Australia - Peerless  Music - www.peerlessmusic.com.au

Canada - Axe and You Shall Receive Inc. - www.axeandyoushallreceive.com

Japan - LEP International Co. LTD - www.lep-international.jp

France - La Pédale - www.lapedale.fr

Italy - Box Guitar - www.boxguitar.com

International Distribution

Canada - Search and Distro - www.searchanddistro.com

Japan - LEP International Co. LTD - www.lep-international.jp

Wilson Effects is always interested in creating new dealer or distributor relationships. If you are interested in
becoming a Wilson Effects Dealer or Distributor please email me and include your business information at,

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   Questions or concerns about warranty/repair email us at wilsoneffects@wilsoneffects.com