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Welcome to the new Deals page. This is where I will be posting any special deals, B-stock inventory and whatever else may come along. Join the email list to be the first to hear about anything that may appear on this page. Items are available on a first come first serve basis.

This is the art profile black.jpg

Brand new This is the Art get your heavy Marshall tones on and more. I like to think of it as the Sparkling Blue on steroids. Pedal was an eBay return. Comes with full warranty ect. $124.00


B-Stock Ten Spot II V.2. Pedal is brand new box may have damage and enclosure may have small blemishes. Built with our custom WH10V1 pot replica the V.2 gives you the ability to tune the bass setting of the pedal for a different Q response. The circuit also includes a fuzz friendly output buffer. Comes with full warranty.  $180.00


Wilson Wah V.2 pedal is brand new. Built it for a customer who changed their mind. Customers name is on the box. Pedal comes tuned to the Colorsound setting but you are free to adjust the settings via the Vintage Settings sheet or however you like. Pedal comes with full warranty. $145.00


B-Stock Not the NotRite. Pedals power Jack hole was drilled out too big but is still fully functional if you don't mind the bigger hole. $110.00

WH10V3 Retrofit Profile.jpg

Rehoused WH10V1 circuit board in a V3 enclosure. Pot was changed to one of my replica pots and the pedal is true bypassed with the volume mod. $400.00

TSIIV.2 Side.jpg

B-Stock Freaker Wah V2 pedal has a blemished bottom plate and box. Other than that it's brand new. $175.00

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