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DIP Switch Settings

WH10V3 Retrofit

WH10V1 tones and more!

Get your Froosh on!


Simply send your WH10V3 to Wilson Effects and have the Retrofit installed into your pedal.


Send in your WH10V2 to Wilson Effects and have the Retrofit installed into your pedal.


Purchase a fully assembled WH10V3 Retrofit Wah pedal. This includes the V1 vintage replica pot swap. If these are out of stock please send me an email and I will add you to the list.

Send your pedal with a copy of your order to;
Wilson Effects
22756 Burtzelbach Rd.
Guilford, IN. 47022

Truly a project of passion that was born of my love and passion for this particular wah circuit. The WH10V3 retrofit was originally conceived in the era of the WH10V2. Once those were discontinued the project was put on the back burner then, John started playing the modded V3 and well you know the rest of the story.

After some minor tweaks in design I decided to revisit this project and add some other options. What does the retrofit offer you may ask?

The retrofit is comprised of the original Ten Spot II circuit which includes;

  • Fuzz friendly fuzz buffer

  • True bypass switching

  • Pre-effect volume control

  • Post effect volume control

  • 6 position guitar DIP switch Q-control

  • 2 - 6 Position Bass DIP switch Q controls

  • Replica V1 potentiometer

  • Brighter  LED

The wah pedal is fuzz friendly which means the pedal is equipped with an output buffer that deals with the input impedance of most fuzz and overdrive pedals. The pedal uses the existing 3PDT switch from your WH10V3 as well as the guitar/bass switch and depth knob. I opted to include a pre-effect volume control as this is helpful in reducing the clipping that can occur from this particular circuit when the depth and volume are at a maximum. This control is located on the circuit board in the form of a small blue trim pot.

The standard post effect volume control is located on the exterior although it is a bit different as it's not the typical volume control on the op-amp feedback loop. This control is post fuzz buffer and does not affect the depth of the wah the way the op-amp volume control can.

There is a 6 position DIP switch labeled Guitar, this allows the user to either set the guitar setting to the stock value or you can turn other switches on to make it darker or turn off switch 1 and make it lighter. There's tons of options here.

You'l notice there are 2 Bass DIP switches Bass 1 and Bass 2. These work the same way the Guitar switch works. Position 1 is stock value and you can get tons of different combinations on the bass setting of the pedal.

I also include a Wilson Effects V1 replica potentiometer. This pot is an exact match of the V1 taper and value. To top it all off the pedal comes with a brighter LED so you can actually see when it is off or on.

All Wilson Effects parts are covered by the standard Wilson Effects warranty on parts and labor.

Thanks for checking them out and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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