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Octave Fuzz Manual

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Octave Fuzz


Dynamic, responsive & quite frankly the best available

Octave Fuzz taken to a new level. Sculpt your sound the way you like it.

A dynamic, responsive and quite frankly the best octave fuzz available is right here. No special guitar tricks to make it work properly such as rolling your tone down or playing certain registers this pedal takes octave fuzz to a new level. Have you ever wanted the ability to push the sound with out an additional boost in your signal path? The Push control allows you to do that. It allows you to add more gain and sustain to the effect. Of course the Level control controls the overall output of the pedal. Let's talk about the Palette control. This shapes the octave content of the pedal which allows a more subtle or more prominent octave sound in the signal. The Attack controls the amount of signal feeding into the octave side of the circuit. Why is this the best octave fuzz pedal out there you ask? As a player using the controls in conjunction with one another you are able to shape and sculpt the perfect octave fuzz for your needs. Whether you are playing the blues, doom, straight up rock-n-roll or any other genre you will find that sound you're looking for in the Octave Fuzz. Check out the most excellent videos from R.J. Ronquillo and Harsh Tones Inc. and you'll understand a little better just how well this pedal transcends genres. The Octave Fuzz is powered by a 9vdc 2.1mm center negative power supply. The pedal is true bypass and handmade by me right here in Guilford, Indiana,.Like all of our pedals it comes with the standard one-year warranty on 
parts and labor. If you should happen to have any questions about this pedal or any other Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to contact me through the contact form on the Home page of the site.

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