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Classic Tonebender tones with all the bells and whistles your grandpa's Tonebender was missing

NOS Germanium Tonebender MKIII goodness!

Classic PNP Germanium Tonebender goodness with some modern features that push this legendary circuit over the top! At the core of the Fuzz MKIII lies three NOS Motorola PNP Germanium transistors ready to push your signal path into Tonebender oblivion. The original units boast one combination bass and treble control. The Fuzz MKIII has separate Treble and Bass controls that allow you to dial in all of those in-between tones that the original lacks. In addition to that the Line control interacts with the Dirt control to help further sculpt you Fuzz sound. There is also a 6 position rotary switch that allows the player to swap out different capacitors to tighten up the fuzz for a more overdriven like characteristic or a totally loose low end fuzz tone on the opposite end of the spectrum and everything in-between. Although the MKIII is a positive ground circuit it has a voltage inverter incorporated in the design to allow the pedal to work with daisy chain style power supplies.  The Fuzz MKIII operates on an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality alkaline battery. All pedals are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labor and are hand built right here in the U.S. If you should happen to have any other questions about the Fuzz MKIII please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the Home page of the site.

Previous Versions of the Fuzz MKIII 

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