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The Wilson Wah takes the classic vintage wah circuit and modifies it to increase the bass response on the input of the circuit. This gives the pedal a thick and fat sound. Another modification allows the growl control to have more of a scratchy throat sound that is quite unique compared to the vintage circuit. This wah is fat and spongy sounding right out of the box and can be tuned to cop a variety of other wah tones.  The wah features three controls on the exterior. From the front of the pedal that are;

Sweep Range - Allows you to control the depth of the sweep. Turning it fully clock-wise and the pedals sweep will be at it's greatest and fully counter clock-wise it will disappear.

Q Selector Switch - The pedal features a 12 position selector switch that allows you to choose between darker Q settings and brighter Q settings. Turn the switch clock-wise for darker settings and counter clock-wise for brighter settings.

Growl - This knob allows you to thicken up or thin out the bass and gain response of the pedal. Turning it clock-wise will thin out the tone of the pedal (it should be noted that thinning it out too much will cause a drop in volume) and turning it counter clock-wise will thicken and darken the tone of the pedal.

Inside the pedal you will find two blue trimmer countrols. You can turn these using a small flathead or Phillips screwdriver. The top trimmer controls the mid-range of the pedal and the bottom one controls the volume of the pedal.

The 12 Position Wilson Wah is built with NOS Mullard Tropical Fish capacitors, carbon composition resistors in the wah circuit and BC109B transistors. There is also a built in fuzz buffer that allows the pedal to interact with different fuzzes and overdrives. Each pedal comes equipped with True Bypass and a super bright LED on the side so you don't accidentally leave your wah on. Each pedal also contains a Wilson Effects vintage taper wah pot that was replicated by measuring the taper of a vintage Car taper pot.

The Wilson Wah operates on an industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality alkaline battery. All pedals are covered by a one year warranty on parts and labor and is hand built right here in the U.S. If you should happen to have any other questions about the 12 Position Wilson Wah please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the Home page.

12 Position Wilson Wah

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