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Based on the infamous Super Fuzz pedal we’ve expanded on this design to give you some excellent tonal options in addition to the stock Super Fuzz sounds. Lets take a look at the controls. Balance-   This is one of the original controls on the classic Super fuzz. This control basically is the volume        knob. Evolve - This is an added control that allows you to open up the sound of the pedal, For a tighter  compressed sound turn it down. For anopen expanded sound turn in up. Mids - This is an added          mid-range control that helps sculpt the midrange in the circuit. Tone - This control was originally       the  toggle switch on the classic Super Fuzz. We’ve simply turned it into a knob control so you can               control the tone of the pedal a little better. Expand - This is also one of the original controls of the     classic pedal. This controls the amount of gain the pedal produces. Texture - This control controls
exactly that, the texture of the fuzz. Whether you like the classic Super Fuzz sound (knob pointed to the minimumposition around 7 o’clock) or crazy velcro like fuzz textures, this is an excellent addition to a classic circuit. Please check out the demos below to experience the awesomeness that is the   Knuckle Dragger. The Knuckle Dragger is true bypass and is powered by an industry standard          2.1mm center negative power supply or 9v battery. It is also hand made from the highest quality      components available today and is backed by a one year warranty. If you happen to have any             questions about this or any Wilson Effects pedals please feel free to contact me via the contact        form on the site.

Knuckle Dragger

SKU: 005
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