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The Lusus Naturae is an organic overdrive/boost. The only pedal in the Wilson Effects line that operates with a non-true bypass circuit. While it is an overdrive the pedal is actually designed to boost or overdrive an already dirty amp into tonal oblivion. This pedal will take your amp and literally turn it into a harmonic dream. From accentuated bends to pinch harmonics when you kick on the Lusus you'll find yourself not wanting to turn the pedal off. Now you can make your amp and tone sound the way you've always wanted and take your playing to a new level. This pedal not only inspires your tone, it inspires your playing as well. The pedal has four standard controls, output, tone, gain and clipping. The clipping control allows you to select various clipping stages of the pedal in it's overdriven state. Fully counter clockwise is the stock setting with five additional settings to shape your tone. The pedal comes in two different editions, Grabber Orange with standard graphics and the special artwork edition in silver and black. The Lusus Naturae is handmade in the U.S.A. It comes with the standard one year warranty on parts and labor and is powered via the industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality 9vdc battery. The circuit also features the same buffered bypass of the original. It also comes in your choice of the custom special art print created by none other than David Medel aka, WeirdBeard72 or standard Wilson Effects artwork in Grabber Orange. If you happen to have any other questions about the Lusus Naturae please feel free to contact me via email at

Lusus Naturae

SKU: 0002
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