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One complaint I've heard quite a bit from users of this pedal is how much it boosts your signal. Some of you may remember the black and purple version of this pedal that did not include the boost. Well now you can have both versions in one. I've removed the toggle or Dry out  and replaced that with a volume control so you can adjust the pedals boost to your liking. 
 The other issue I've found is that while the buffered bypass is better than the previous versions, (the V3 has an opamp based buffer in it and V2 has the original designed buffer). Why would anyone want their wah to be their buffer since it is typically at the beginning of your chain. The pedal is true bypassed with the mods and I feel the volume control better suits the players needs so bye bye ginormous switch and Dry out!
  As for the darker sweep there have been a few capacitor modifications within the circuit that cause this. This has been addressed as well within the modded version.
  Another issue with the V3 and V2 is the sweep is a lot darker and lacks that punchy funk that the original is known for. I've made adjustments so the pedal accurately replicates the original sweep of the vintage circuit.

Modify Your WH10

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