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The NPN No Face is based off of the vintage 1970's version of the Fuzz Face circuit. Operating on
silicon transistors this pedal provides a full on fuzz assault but also cleans up extremely well with your
guitars volume knob
or you can use the pedal's Cut control that acts as a guitar volume control.. Unlike
older Fuzz Face pedals I've added every control you can possibly think of to the No Face,.Level, Cut,
Bias, Mid-range, and a mold which helps shape the fuzz tone. You can dial in tones from a full on fuzz
assault to a clean crisp light overdriven sound to a glitchy, velcro like fuzz
. The Mold control works
extremely well when trying to clean up the fuzz for a more overdriven style of tone or if you want to push an already overdriven amp or pedal.

The pedal operate