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So originally the NotRight was based on the Silicon version of the FuzzRite pedal. So.... Quite some time ago I was approached with the idea of replicating a certain fuzz circuit for a certain someone, who shall remain nameless at this time (No it wasn't John). After disassembling the original and of course a few mistakes along the way I came up with a prototype. The new circuit just so happened to have the same number of controls as the NotRite sooooo, I housed this fuzz in the NotRite enclosure and sent a few of them out to be tested by this certain someone. Well COVID happened and the pedal never really found its way to its intended destination. However it did find its way to another destination and I want to say sometime last year (2022) it ended up where you all likely know it from, John's board. When this happened I immediately discontinued sales of the NotRite as I didn't feel right selling a pedal to a dedicated fan base that wasn't that actual pedal. Hence the reason it has been out of stock everywhere. That brings us to today, after what seems like a few years, wait it was a few years, I've received the go ahead to go ahead and produce a run of the actual pedal that is on John's board. No, it's not a FuzzRite and no it's not a Germanium Fuzzrite. It's a glitchy gated fuzz that just sounds huge and if it wasn't for my friend Henry I would have never known about it. When it's pushed it sounds insane and when it pushes a drive or an amp it also sounds insane but the minute the player quits playing it gates out and is silent (Don't touch your strings though!). The level control is just that a level control. The Depth knob is actually an intensity knob but hey depth also works right? The pedal is operated on a standard center negative 9vdc power supply or high quality 9vdc battery. Glitchy, velcroey, gated call it what you will but I choose to call it awesome. Pre-Orders are open now and yes we ship pretty much anywhere in the world. If you have any other questions please contact me via email. Thanks - Kevin

Not the NotRite

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