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The core circuit of the Rippah Wah is based around the vintage Maestero Boomerang wah. Take an
already killer wah circuit and add the ability to adjust every parameter to your specific tastes without
having to worry about marking knobs or kicking them while playing in a live situation. In other words you can "set it and forget it"! Inside each Rippah Wah you will find three blue trimmers or "trim pots" using a small Flathead or Phillips screwdriver the user has the ability to tune three different parameters of the wah.

  • Growl - Controls the amount of bass and gain or growl in the circuit. Turning this will remove bass
    and gain for a smoother funky feel. This comes set to the maximum setting as this is the stock
    setting of the pedal.
  • Sweep - This controls the range of the sweep or depth. By turning this you can broaden the
    spectrum and add more throat or you can thin it out if you like to play with the upper and mid-range
  • Boost - When using the Growl control this can also cause a bit of a volume drop at more extreme
    settings. The Rippah Wah also contains a boost circuit that is capable of overdriving the front end
    of just about any clean tube amp. The Boost control was incorporated to allow the user to
    overcome any loss of volume that may occur at these settings. This control also allows you to set
    the wah above unity gain so you can cut through the mix in live situations. I prefer using this with an
    already overdriven amp as it can give your amp a kick in the ass and really cut through. The Boost
    control was not incorporated to overdrive a clean amp and I suggest that you do not use it in that

There is also a six position DIP switch on the main board. This allows the user to adjust the "Q" position of the wah. The Rippah comes set to a stock setting with position one on. The other positions allow verysubtle adjustments to very drastic adjustments. I encourage you to play around with these as you willeventually find that wah sound that lives in your head. There are literally hundreds of combinations andyou should be able to dial in just about any inductor based wah tone out of this pedal. The pedal also features a fuzz friendly output buffer that allows your wah to work seamlessly with most fuzz and overdrive pedals. This allows the wah to deal with the higher input impedance of these types ofpedals. The Rippah Wah is powered by a high quality 9VDC battery or regulated 9VDC 2.1mm center negative power supply. It is also covered by our standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. See our warranty page for details. As usual if you should have any questions about this or any Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to email me at or through the contact form on the website.

Rippah Wah

SKU: 021
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