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The Wilson Wah V2 was designed to replace not one but two of our flagship wahs, the Signature Wah and Wilson Wah. Designed with the set it and forget it type of player in mind the Wilson Wah V2 is capable of emulating just about any vintage wah tone imaginable as well as more modern sounding circuits. Whether you want the vintage quack of an 60's era Vox Clyde McCoy or the throaty sound of the early Macari wahs you can set it up the way you want and not have to worry about losing those settings. There is an available vintage settings sheet that you can download that gives you 6 different vintage wah settings to choose from or you can create your own. These settings aren't just suggested settings they were developed by tuning the Wilson V2 side by side the vintage wah. That is how we know this wah nails that tone! Here's what Wilson Effects puts into each of these fantastic circuits.

Built with NOS tropical fish capacitors


Carbon Composition Resistors throughout the Wah circuit


BC109B Transistors


Wilson Effects custom made early Clarostat Cloned potentiometer


True Bypass with LED indicator


Fuzz Friendly output buffer, so your pedal works well with fuzz and overdrives


Custom wound Wilson Effects Inductor


Growl trimmer - adds bass and gain to the circuit if desired or eliminates it


Mid-Range trimmer - adjusts the amount of mid-range in the sweep of the wah


Sweep Range trimmer - adjusts the width of the sweep or depth if you prefer


Boost trimmer - The Wilson Wah V2 has an incorporated boost circuit that allows you to push the volume far  beyond unity gain. Actually I highly recommend not using full boost as it can cause unwanted noise and actually breakup your amp.